Client: Rhode Island Nursing Institute Middle College

The challenge: Capture the stories of students who graduated from the Rhode Island Nursing Institute (RINI) Middle College to convey the value of this unique educational program to funders and potential adopters of the model.

Our solution: Conduct in-depth interviews with a diverse group of RINI graduates and work with a local photographer to create profiles and thematic posts conveying how the school inspires its students to pursue a career in nursing and puts them on a path to professional success. Collaborate with a data analyst and designers to create data displays showcasing RINI graduates’ educational and professional accomplishments.

RINIMC: Graduate Stories

RINIMC: Our Graduates


Diversifying the Nursing Workforce

After translating for her Guatemalan mother and grandmother at health appointments, Aida Camey understands the value she could bring to her community as a nurse. Her ability to communicate directly with Spanish-speaking patients, grasp the challenges they face as immigrants, and respect their cultural preferences would allow her to care for a broader range of their needs.

In a year when the health impact of social factors such as job type, housing, and discrimination have taken center stage, diversifying the nursing workforce has gained new urgency. Unfortunately, students from minority and low-income backgrounds are often ill-prepared for the academic rigor of the nursing curriculum.

 RINI students are no exception. Many of them begin high school with limited English or lacking the grade-level academic skills required for a college-preparatory education. Yet RINI has found ways to support and motivate these students, helping them overcome the barriers that would typically prevent them from pursuing a career in nursing.

Camey is proud to be a 2020 RINI graduate, but she was a reluctant RINI student. She knew she wanted to go to college, but pursuing a nursing career had never crossed her mind. She transferred to RINI as a sophomore because her mother wanted her to. “I was in the mindset like, I’m just going for my parents,” she says, but her experience at the school quickly changed her perspective. “Once I started seeing all of the opportunities RINI has to offer,” she says, “it made me interested in going into something in the medical field.”